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Message of the Day

The 2017 NACHA Operating Rules are now available. The NACHA Rules provide detailed information on ACH processing and your responsibilities as an ACH Originator. The Bank recommends that you read and familiarize yourself with the NACHA Operating Rules to ensure your compliance and understanding of the Rules.

You may obtain a FREE online copy of the 2017 NACHA Operating Rules by following these step-by-step instructions. Once registered, you may obtain a copy of the Rules annually for your information and reference.


Under NEW ACCOUNT click on the BASIC USER option.


Under the SELECT YOUR ACCESS LEVEL section, select BASIC ACCESS and click CONTINUE.

Complete the BUSINESS INFORMATION section.

Under the AFFILIATION section, select NON-MEMBER and click FINISH

Our Treasury Services Client Support Representatives are available to assist you

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For inquiries directly related to your specific account, passwords or transaction activity, please contact us by telephone at (305) 982-3770.

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Security Reminders

TotalBank will never ask you for your password or user ID's.

TotalBank will never forward an e-mail to you with any links requesting that you access any systems or enter any confidential information.

Should you receive any requests via e-mail, social networking site, or other method of communication, in which you are requested to enter your user ID's, password, GO ID Token Serial Number or other personal identifying information, do not provide this information and contact the Bank immediately.

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